Mills Parsec

Agent X
860 GBP (£)
Hand signed, limited edition giclee on paper
76 x 101 x 0 cm
Limited to 20
Available For Sale
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Good To Know: Artwork is shipped directly from the artist; Arty-Fact: 'Mills Parsec' is about Jeff Mills, coveted DJ, electronic music producer and the mind behind the soundtrack of 'Interstellar'. Mills' music incorporates sensory effects, themes of space travel, technology and the cosmos. Parsec, a unit for expressing distances to stars and galaxies, is used by astronomers and represents the distance at which the radius of Earth’s orbit subtends an angle of one second of arc. In 'Mills Parsec', red beams of horizontal and diagonal lines represent light travel. Electric blue lights represent dimension portals. A spaceship lies within the swirling brown and gold in the lower left.


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Agent X is a creative pseudonym of an incredible artist based in Vancouver who creates experimental multimedia collage artworks, paintings and 2D artworks.Read More

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