Omnissiah Atoqtron Osal

Agent X
860 GBP (£)
Hand signed, limited edition giclee on paper
71 x 101 x 0 cm
Limited to 20
Available For Sale
Pop Culture,Street Culture
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Good To Know: Artwork is shipped directly from the artist; Arty-Fact: 'The Machine God', bestower of all knowledge and technology, is worshiped by Tech-priests and servants of the Adeptus Mechanicus. He is a god of logic and reason - any form of chaos is abhorrent to him. He manifests in machines. His sacred language is binary. An Operating System Abstraction Layer (OSAL) provides an Application Programming Interface (API) to an abstract operating system making it quicker and easier to develop code for multiple software or hardware platforms. 'The Machine God' is comprised of four 3D robots (in orange, red and green) superimposed over a vibrant yellow and green vignette.


Asking Price860 GBP-

About The Artist

Agent X is a creative pseudonym of an incredible artist based in Vancouver who creates experimental multimedia collage artworks, paintings and 2D artworks.Read More

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#18-01 The Morningside, 1 Jalan Kuala, Singapore 239639,By Appointment Only, Singapore
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