Starfighter Maximiliano Deimos

Agent X
700 GBP (£)
Hand signed, limited edition giclee on paper
71 x 101 x 0 cm
Limited to 20
Available For Sale
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Good To Know: Artwork is shipped directly from the artist; Arty-Fact: 'Starfighter Maximiliano Deimos' is influenced by the long history and tradition of starfighters in the movie and sci-fi genre, and their crews: Luke Skywalker, Alex Rogan, Wilma Deering and others among them. Starfighter is a catch-all term for a variety of spacecraft in science fiction; these crafts often feature shield mechanisms, hyperspace capability and sometimes, have mission designations similar to real-world fighter aircraft. In 'Starfighter Maximiliano Deimos' graffiti in futuristic colours overlays a beautiful vignette.


Asking Price700 GBP-

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Agent X is a creative pseudonym of an incredible artist based in Vancouver who creates experimental multimedia collage artworks, paintings and 2D artworks.Read More

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