Line 1213-12

Ahn Hyun-Ju
800 EUR (€)
Polyester, acrylic and epoxy resin on aluminum
52 x 32 cm
Available For Sale
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Thank for your interest in Line 1213-12 by Ahn Hyun-Ju, proposed by Artistics. The asking price is currently 800 EUR (€)

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this painting challenges the observer's vision: the bright colorful vertical lines interweave and superimpose in a downward directed movement, splitting the painting into two parts. In the upper part, the colors alternate in a regular way, then the lines split, as if they were under the impetus of several movements. Many paradoxical impressions emerge from this pictorial oeuvre which changes depending on the viewer's point of view - confusing or rigorous, with a smooth or textured surface.


Asking Price800 EUR (€)-

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Ahn Hyun-Ju is a Korean abstract artist, who takes an experimental approach in her research of painting techniques and colour asso....Read More

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