Shanghai Studio

Ai Weiwei
1000 - 2500 GBP (£)
Photograph in colour
24 x 65 cm
Signed and numbered on the front
Available For Sale
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Ai Weiwei is a controversial social activist and a blue chip Chinese contemporary artist.

After 2011, when he was secretly detained by the Chinese police and interrogated for 81 days, he was not allowed to leave the courtyard of his home without permission from the police. After his detainment and house arrest, demolition crews came to his Shanghai studio during one night and destroyed the building. The photograph, from which this 2011 print was produced, consists of two images: one that portrays Ai Weiwei's Beijing studio prior to demolition; and the second shows the land where it once stood following its demolition. This print pays homage to the wrong doing that Weiwei was caused when his studio was flattened without warning.

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Asking Price1000 - 2500 GBP (£)1000 - 2500-

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