Ai Yamaguchi
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13.5 x 11.5 cm
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Ai Yamaguchi is an artist who utilizes a unique combination of delicately drawn lines and celluloid, picture-like expression to vividly portray the lives of young female prostitutes. Her works conjure up a sense of curiosity and amazement within the viewer, due to the depiction of young girls from multiple angles, in a wide variety of poses. As a result, they powerfully embody the sexuality typical of the Edo period, combined with a peculiar brand of eroticism unique to the artist's hand. Yamaguchi's style has also been said to combine "flatness," regarded as a particularly characteristic feature of traditional Japanese Art, with trends in Japanese subculture.; Ai Yamaguchi's work has become some of the most sought after contemporary art in Japan for her powerful and beautiful depicton of the lives of young female prostitutes in the Edo period. Her fine etchings and lithographs embody themes of sexuality and eroticism - beautifully infusing influences of Japanese subculture with sensitivity to works of the Edo art period. View Ai Yamaguchi catalogue
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