Pantone 1903, Perseidas

Albano Hernandez Dominguez
5,800 EUR (€)
Mixed media on canvas
146 x 114 cm
Available For Sale
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The artist takes inspiration from the Pantone Guides: normally used as a tool for other productions, during his childhood Albano used to see them as final objects in themselves. A book of colors, 'something magical' as he says. He thus chooses to depict these colors fan decks as the main subject of the painting, as if he was doing a portrait of them. The result are abstract paintings which focus on the colorful fans, these lasts superimposing various backgrounds: monochromes, fluorescent and shaded backgrounds, checkered patterns or geometric shapes.


Asking Price5,800 EUR (€)-

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Albano Hernandez Dominguez is a Spanish artist who was born in 1988, in Ávila. His work was included in various exhibitions.Read More

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