Pascal. Pensées Sur L'homme Et Dieu (Restrikes Of 22 Etchings)

Albert Gleizes
1,250 EUR (€)
33 x 25 cm
Edition strictly limited to only 10 numbered sets
Fine and bright, with no defects.
Unavailable For Sale
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Pascal's "Pensées" (Casablanca, 1950), illustrated with original etchings by Albert Gleizes, is widely regarded to be the last great Cubist book.

The book’s justification advises us that “Tous les cuivres ont été rayés après tirage"--"all of the copperplates were canceled after printing"--but they were not: 22 of the plates survived in pristine condition (Loyer 27-28, 32-33, 36-38, 44, 46, 48, 51-53, 56-58, 61, 67, 70-71, and 73-74).

Over a half-century after Gleizes' death, ten sets of these 22 plates were beautifully printed on extremely fine japon appliqué with wide margins.

Since all of these etchings were in-texte etchings in the original book, these are the only editioned impressions without the text. And since the plates were in perfect condition, the impressions are perfect as well.

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Albert Gleizes was a French painter and author, and a self-proclaimed founder of Cubism, one of the most recognizable art styles i....Read More

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