On his bent steels, the industrial fineness, cleanliness and reflective quality of the metal contrasts with the violent nature of the sculptures. He applies a force to the materials while letting the steel sheets decide their own shape. His mastery and the technique he has acquired allow him to obtain from the metal a crumpled paper aspect reminiscent of a crumpled sheet thrown in the garbage. The metal thus loses its formal rigour and becomes a fragile element. The process used allows a unique crystallization of colour without damaging the paint during folding. The colourful and glossy finishes are reminiscent of Jeff Koons' sculptures.
Aldo Chaparro tells us that there can be many different ways to read his work.; One, being like a self-portrait of the artist, who at a certain point in time was able to deliver a certain strength and energy that then gave this work.
Another way of reading the work would be as a self-portrait of the spectator, while the precision of the mirror on the steel sheets deforms, the sculptures function as glasses that allow us to discover reality in a parallel way, with the spectator's contemplation of himself. Through their reflective power, they transform the body into an alternative and untouchable version of ourselves. "Mx Silver, February 6, 2020, 14:23" is part of his bent steel series.

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