This work is packed with many layers of color:
Like life is - when we are born we have nothing to carry, we are innocent. And as the time flies by, we carry more and more weight, cover more and more little injuries, make more and more good than bad experiences.
And the lucky ones of us still have this glow, notwithstanding how old they are. These little sparkles, which make a human being beautiful and let him/her shine are represented in my work through layers of varnish, on top of fragments in wonderful shades of red, blue and green.
The circle represents the spiral of life.

“Circle of life” is a serial work. The first one, “Life is a rollercoaster“, was the very colorful work from the “Stripes and Circles” series.
The whole series deals with changes, experiences and decisions we make in our life.” ~ Alexandra Huelbach

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