Lonely Skater

1,200 EUR (€)
Spray paint (multilayer stencils) on teared down advertising posters pasted on wood
60 x 80 cm
Dated & Signed on the back
Black wood frame (63 x 83) cm
Unavailable For Sale
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For this new series the artists collects advertisement posters around the streets of Berlin. In his further work Alias tears the advertisement posters appart what allows to make a particular collage combination that brings out a contrast between the background and the iconic stencil work of the fake smile boy that is applied on top.

In this series of work the artists changes his usual medium, Alias compensate the usual reclaimed and rusted metal background to a more colorful but nevertheless very particular berlin street art material, what enables the viewer to get directly engaged with an urban scene of Berlin.

About The Artist

Alias is a Berlin street artist who uses geographical advantages to cleverly place his stencils. He paints images of children and ....Read More

About The Gallery

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