Instead of traditional drawing tools, Allyson Strafella (b.1969) has been working with typewriters, standard and custom-built, for over two decades. The artist remarks: "I began drawing out of the need to communicate, to find my own language. I was looking for a way to record my thoughts and ideas and a typewriter was a tool that could keep up with my thoughts. However, I employed no rules of the written language: no capitalization, no punctuation, no paragraphs. The writing slowly transformed - the words left the page and what remained has become my language: drawing."
Using sheets of pigmented handmade paper, she creates assured abstract forms by applying dense repetitive marks. These concentrated forms are derived from the natural and constructed landscape, which suggest a surprising familiarity. The fragile nature of the works stems not solely from the thinness of the material she employs but from the quality of the mark-making. After piercing through the surface of the paper it barely holds its form.
These intimate works carry an immense presence, which often stands in complete antithesis with their delicate appearance. With patience and determination, she continues to find the edge of form and formlessness.

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Bartha Contemporary was founded by Swiss-German couple Niklas and Daniela von Bartha in January 2000. The gallery relocated to its
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