Tableaux Contemporains: Tableau Des Courses, De La Boxe, De La Vénérie, De L'amour Vénal, Des Grands Magasins, De La Mode, De L'au-Delà, Du Palais, De La Bourgeoisie

Andre Dunoyer de Segonzac
3,500 EUR (€)
Illustrated book
24 x 19 x 0 cm
4to. Original wraps. Uncut. Light wear to the wraps of some volumes, internally bright and fine. AN EXCELLENT AND VERY RARE SET, WITH 145 ORIGINAL PRINTS IN ALL.
Unavailable For Sale
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Nine volumes, complete. A SPLENDID SET OF THESE NINE SEPARATELY-ISSUED LIVRES D'ARTISTE, WHICH PROVIDE A UNIQUE PORTRAIT OF FRENCH (especially Parisian) LIFE DURING THE 1920s, with its gaiety, frivolity, and light eroticism. Each of the texts is ILLUSTRATED WITH ORIGINAL PRINTS BY A LEADING ARTIST OF THE PERIOD, and EACH OF THE TEXTS APPEARS HERE IN FIRST EDITION. The nine volumes are: 1. Maurice de Noisay, Tableau des Courses (1921), illustrated with 11 elegant full-page hors-texte original color lithographs by Jean-Louis Boussingault. One of 280 numbered copies printed on fine wove paper. Skira 33 (with incorrect date of 1922). 2. Tristan Bernard, Tableau de la Boxe (1922), with 33 original etchings by Andre Dunoyer de Segonzac. One of 318 numbered copies printed on fine wove paper. Skira 326. 3. J.-L. Duplan, Tableau de la Vénérie (1923), illustrated with 21 original lithographs by Boussingault, including 6 full-page hors-texte (2 of these in color). This book is perhaps the scarcest of the series, because it is highly prized both by collectors of illustrated books and by collectors of books on hunting. One of 336 numbered copies printed on fine wove paper. Skira 34 (mistakenly calling for only 10 lithographs); Thiébaud 321: "Rare et fort recherché." 4. Francis Carco, Tableau de l'Amour Vénal (1924), with 12 full-page hors-texte original lithographs by Luc-Albert Moreau. One of 315 copies printed on fine wove paper. Skira 267. 5. J. Valmy-Rasse, Tableau des Grands Magasins (1924), illustrated with 12 full-page original engravings by Jean-Emile Laboureur. One of 315 numbered copies printed on fine wove paper. 6. Georges-Armand Masson, Tableau de la Mode (1926), illustrated with 21 original etchings and 11 original color lithographs by Marcel Vertès. A stunning book. One of 320 numbered copies printed on fine wove paper. 7. Frédéric Boutet, Tableau de l'Au-Delà (1927), illustrated with 14 full-page original etchings by Edouard Goerg. Surely this project suggested Goerg's "L'Enfer" (1950), his most extensive undertaking. One of 320 numbered copies printed on fine wove paper. Skira 135. 8. Pierre Loewel, Tableau du Palais (1928), illustrated with 33 lithographs by Yves Alix. One of 320 numbered copies printed on fine wove paper. 9. Max Jacob, Tableau de la Bourgeoisie (1929), illustrated with 10 original full-page lithographs (and numerous drawings) by Jacob himself. One of 320 numbered copies printed on fine wove paper. A sardonic look at the same French bourgeoisie that has been the subject of the other eight volumes. While further volumes were planned at the time, the Great Depression brought this series to an end, and Jacob's book is a fitting conclusion.


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André Dunoyer de Segonzac was a French painter, printmaker, and designer best known for his landscapes, still lifes, and figure compositions.Read More

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