'In Heaven and Hell, Andres Serrano challenges the benevolence of the Catholic Church while also taking on the sexualization of violence against women. The work was made in collaboration with political artist Leon Golub, who appears in the photograph wearing the red robes of a Cardinal, subtly smiling as he looks away from the blood-splattered nude who is bound and suspended next to him. Serrano said of the work, 'I'm referring to the relationship the Church has with women, whether they are aware of women as human beings or just take them for granted and dismiss them.'
Artist: Andres Serrano; Title: Heaven and Hell; Year: 1984; Medium: Cibachrome Print Front-Mounted to Plexiglas, signed, titled, and numbered on verso; Edition: 9/10; Size: 27.5 x 40 inches (69.9 cm x 101.6 cm); Frame: 32.5 x 45 inches

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