Andy Warhol Index Book

Andy Warhol
First Edition, Classic Warhol interactive book
27.9 x 21.6 x 0 cm
Available For Sale
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Available in Hard and Soft Cover Andy Warhol's classic artist book 'Index' published by the Random House, NY in 1967. The book is a compilation of interviews, art inserts, pop-ups, photographs, recording discs, and descriptions of life at the Factory. An important Warhol document and an absolutely iconic publication of the psychedelic era in New York. The photographs are by Billy Name and other Warhol co-conspirators with the assistance of Stephen Shore, Paul Morrissey, Ondine, and Nico. The book has 10 multiples/objects. All objects (with the exception of the balloon which was removed before pages bound together in HARD Cover) are present and in great shape. Andy Warhol Peel Off Sticker upper right intact on cover of SOFT Cover book. Publisher: Random House


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