Fred Hughes was Andy Warhol's business manager for more than 25 years. During his time with Warhol, Hughes ran The Factory and was also the publisher of Interview Magazine. He was the executor of the Warhol's estate when the artist died. Hughes also founded the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Jed Johnson was one of Warhol's longest-lasting boyfriends and lived with Warhol for multiple years. He first met Warhol in 1967, just two weeks after moving to Manhattan, when he delivered a telegram to the Decker building, the soon-to-be home of Warhol's Factory. Johnson accepted a job offer on the spot to sweep the floors. Eventually, Johnson directed Andy Warhol's Bad and edited Andy Warhol's Dracula and L'Amour.- Pat Hackett, editor of The Warhol Diaries. Image rights: The purchaser is acquiring ownership rights only of the physical work of art described herein, and that this transfer of ownership of the physical work of art does not convey to the purchaser any copyright or reproduction rights except (a) the right to display the physical work of art and (b) reproduce the work only in an exhibition catalog relating to exhibit of the work, and in no other medium. Any other use of the work of art is absolutely prohibited without prior written consent of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, which may be withheld in its absolute discretion. Shipping, tax, and service quoted by seller.

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