The whole package weighs an incredible 88 pounds and that's just the first decade.; Book 1: The Covers. A facsimile reproduction of every cover from Interview's first decade; metallic cloth hardcover / 160 pages / color printing.
Book 2: The Pictures. A selection of Interview photo-shoots from the first decade; printed fabric hardcover / 192 pages / tritone and color printing.
Book 3: The Interviews. A selection of Q&As from the first decade; plastic-bound hardcover / 400 pages / Audio CD.
Book 4: The Andy Warhol Interviews. A selection of interviews conducted by Warhol, with an introduction by Sandy Brant; clothbound hardcover / 192 pages
Book 5: The Fashion. A selection of interviews with fashion designers and great fashion photography from the first decade; clothbound hardcover / 192 pages / tritone printing.
Book 6: The Directors. A selection of interviews with movie tycoons and related photos from the first decade; aluminum casebound hardcover / 192 pages.
Book 7: The Back of the Book. A selection of columns by Fran Lebowitz and Bob Colacello, with photos; clothbound / 96 pages. Interview

About The Gallery

Woodward Gallery, established 1994, has been a NYC institution for over twentythree years. It is a pioneer in the heart
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