Custom framed in double sided glass hanging shadow frame; 44 x 28 x 2.75 inches; 111.8 x 71.1 7 cm; Stamped Features the Souper dress label at the neckline.; Never worn, with no alterations; rare in such fine condition.; Print/Casting Year: circa 1965; Edition: Limited
The disposable Souper Dress, was designed with repeating Campbell's Soup Cans and had been commissioned in response to and with approval for Andy Warhol's iconic "Campbell's Soup Cans" (1962). In 1968, the paper dress was mailed to anyone for the price of two Campbell's Vegetable Soup labels, $ USD /one dollar, and a dress size request. Warhol loved the idea of a sea of ladies wearing the same Campbell's Souper Dresses, but it was actually a failed advertising campaign since they were issued in the cold winter months when it was time to eat soup, but too cold to wear the dress. Very few exist in excellent shape. At the time, these were considered a novelty item and disposed of. Today this is rare Warhol ephemera. Fashion Design, Wearable Art

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