Khaylas's New Nails

Anthony Lister
5000 - 7500 EUR (€)
Charcoal, Spraypaint, Latex, Oil on Linen
105 x 95 x 4.5 cm
Signed at the bottom front. Title and Signature also on the back.
Available For Sale
Urban Spree Galerie
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Thank for your interest in Khaylas's New Nails by Anthony Lister, proposed by URBAN SPREE GALERIE Berlin. The asking price is currently 5001 EUR (€)

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Asking Price5000 - 7500 EUR (€)5000 - 7500-

About The Artist

Anthony Lister is an Australian artist notable for his pop-surrealist graffiti, paintings, and installations that embody a fusion ....Read More

About The Gallery

Within Urban Spree, the Urban Spree Galerie is a 400 sqm independent contemporary art space. Set in a vast postindustrial compoun....Read More
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