"Border” is a response to the inhumanity of the refugee crisis, the persecution of “other,” and the viciousness of the current administration. Trump’s xenophobia, racism and misogyny - his declaration to build a wall on the border of Mexico and the US., his stoking of hate, creating division, not unity.
“Border” also addresses global warming as it is rapidly altering nature's "borders.”

What is a border? How have the borders from throughout time been transmogrified? The thousands of families fleeing their homelands trying to cross over borders just to survive, the political ramifications of a world that has seemingly gone insane.

“Border” can also be read as a distilled topography, perhaps seen from high above, or in space, of a once verdant and healthy planet devoid of borders, just the naturally drawn geography of earth.

Spielman uses oil paint on canvas, paper and panel in various sizes; she works on up to forty paintings at a time, moving between them as each begins to form, then isolating a work to bring to completion.

Her saturated surfaces are luminous, with alternate glossy and matte layers, but also bear rough nail marks that scar and deconstruct the work. These etched lines and marks relate to an image and idea, and are often the underlying structure, the submerged language of a work.

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