Quiet Now

Ashley Oubre
Price on request
Graphite powder, carbon pencil and india ink on paper
27.9 x 35.6 cm
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Often confused with photography Ashley Oubre's paintings are remarkably convincing as she utilizes photo-realistic techniques to achieve keen light, shadow and texture in her portraits. Oubre's works are crafted with graphite powder, India ink and carbon pencil. Oubre says she's drawn to subjects that are socially damaged in some way. Her work accentuates photographic deviations from reality to create a hyperrealism reference, true to life and form. Oubre's works are hugely unique due to her discernment for social hardships and use of gray tones, capturing images that suggest for a minute the finished image has motion and emotion.


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About The Artist

Ashley Oubré is an American self-taught artist, known for her large-scale drawings made with graphite powder, india ink and carbon....Read More

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The Robert Fontaine Gallery, provides a platform for emerging, mid-career, established and master artists ranging in historical sc....Read More
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