Purple Lush

Ashlynn Browning
500 GBP (£)
Oil on panel
35 x 28 cm
Available For Sale
Chris Vitiello, an art columnist at Indy Week, said about Browning’s work in 2015: “Her paintings have resembled distant views or off-center details of unconventional buildings (…). But a longer look reveals more abstract concerns with painterly illusion. Browning's straight-line brushstrokes can be so thick that their raised contours are clearly visible under subsequent layers, as if she'd used a housepainter's brush. This creates a topography in high-contrast colors, the edges nearly vibrating, that gives the disorienting impression of flatness and extreme depth at once. Buildings, in Browning's paintings, are only a means toward optical and material investigation” In an article published in Burnaway in 2015, Shana Dumont Garr, an art historian, curator, writer, and gallery manager, said following a visit to Browning’s studio: “On her website, Browning includes this quote by Francis Bacon: Man gets tired of himself. Man is obsessed with himself. I would like some day to capture a moment of life in its full violence, its full beauty. That would be the ultimate painting. This desire for unmoored emotion comes through in paintings such as Cantilever. Browning’s keen sensitivity to color enables an incredible range of shapes and brushstroke textures to coexist.”
United States
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Her recurring use of grids, networks may recall architectural structures, but these are only created in response to the paint as she works, instinctively.

Colors, which play a very important part in Browning’s paintings, will also vary depending on her feelings or interests of the moment (nature, fashion trends, or art historical preferences).

However, in practice, they will rarely be primary colors, and there will almost always be some Guston pink in her work.



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