The three glass cubes form a presentation area for 12 drawings - one drawing per month. At the beginning, the glass cubes are still filled with crumpled paper, which represents the forecast of the completed year. With each month that passes, one of the crumpled papers may be removed and exchanged for a newly made drawing mounted into one of the cube walls. At the end of the calendar year the sculpture will be equipped with 12 drawings.; The installation thus also involves transparency in a transferential sense - starting with three empty cubes; it grows over a year to a full column. The ratio of work on paper to a conventional space shifts; the drawing becomes a three-dimensional sculpture and can be viewed from 360 °.; At the same time, the transparency between the artist and the buyer is playfully avoided. Although the collector knows what to expect - a work can be inserted into the sculpture every month - yet curiosity and a certain surprise factor are added. The work of art grows to something organic that grows monthly. This is a concept far away from the hectic consumption in the art world. Because you have to spend a year of patience to look at the finished work of art.; 12 gifts - 12 Gifte (poisons) "gift" and "Gift": the same word, two different meanings. In a certain way the sculpture can be compared with a kind of prolonged Advent-calendar; one gift per month. At the same time, each month is devoted to a new poison.; "Gift" = Poison can kill and poison can heal. Gifts could also be presents. The pun leaves a lot of interpretations open because a healing poison or elixir could also be a present for the health. The artist is very interested in anatomy, medical phenomena and poisons in general. The fascination for poison arises through the situation that a lot of herbal poisons are in flowers, which look wonderful at the first glance. Her favourite flower for example: the foxglove (lat. Digitalis) content poison. As an artist she is very interested in the concept of dualism. Something beautiful could affect death. As well she is interested in the effects of poisons because very often they could be visually very detestable. Murders by poison, some of them very spectacularly, exist all the time. No matter if the Borgia family was involved or an unknown woman killed the brother of Kim Jon Un. On the other side the art of healing / medicine with poisons is well known as well. There are antidotes for poisons. Some poisons are in low doses healthy. Regardless of medicine, enchanting flower or merciless murder, a poison could be a lot sometimes a gift and sometimes often an execration.; Gift No. 1. Gaint Hogweed (germ. Herculesstaude, lat.Heraculeum mantegazzianum) is a plant which is called "Herculesstaude" because it can grow up to 4 meters. Two years ago there was a plague in Vienna because the plant spread rapidly and a lot of promenades burned their skin by touching this beautiful flower to take it home. The poison which burns the human skin is used by the flower as a defence mechanism against animals like cows etc.

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