„Tell me all about it" is a 311 x 106 cm large ballpoint pen drawing. It can be read from the left to the right, starting with young sailors and ending with an elderly couple, forming an infinity loop with their hands - a full life circle has been created. Life, Death, vanity - these are just the bigger motifs in my work, but to find true meaning you have to look for the details. There are skeletons hunting for storks; a metaphor for abortion or unwanted pregnancy, there are young men pulling another boys skin off - a symbol for peer pressure and detraction of one s individuality. Then there are more subtle symbols; young sailors with bruises on their backs, a quote from a Lautreamont poem who is comparing the magnitude of a ship s boys bruises to the magnitude of the oceans. Then you can find boys with memes on their shirts--? those memes are actually photos from cannibals and infamous killers - a criticism of the glorification of murder that is displayed on TV. There are hundreds of obvious and less obvious symbols--? each observer has to find his or her own access to them.
What is your art about?
There is hardly any question that artists have to deal with more often. And there is hardly any ques-tion more difficult to answer. But what is art really all about? Does it even always have a meaning?; Artists have to explain their art all the time, whether at an exhibition opening, for an application or at other occasions. But this can be a difficult task. People often expect art to be meaningful, to question existing problems or to challenge one s perspective. Yet, art can mean something completely different to the person who created it. It can be a sudden sensation, a word or just a thought. From this constant need of having to explain my art, the idea for this project has emerged. In a time where information is plentiful and has become available 24/7, I am trying to respond to this constant in-formation overflow by creating even more data.; To meet this demand for information, I am trying to explain the meaning behind all symbols in my art by adding a meticulous description. Every tiny detail is being pinned down an traced back to its roots - whether it is of importance or not. All symbols in my ballpoint pen drawing are being isolated and broken down until the Observer is confronted with a total information overload.; Tell me all about it! provides the observer with all the explanations he or she has always longed for. Or not.

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Galerie Ernst Hilger on the first floor of Dorotheergasse 5 in Vienna's 1st district represents the works of artists such
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