Nb. 8

Audrey Stone
1,300 GBP (£)
Thread, ink and graphite on paper
43 x 36 cm
Available For Sale
“I began combining thread and drawing materials in 2007…[it] served several purposes; practically it sped up my process while visually a game came into play as one viewed the work to decipher which line was drawn with ink or graphite and which one was sewn. This resulted in a conversation between the materials, defining what constitutes a line as well as the category material put an object in – craft or fine art? For me, using the thread is also symbolic. I love how thread is connected to female and domestic historical narrative. Thread can mend and repair, and hold things together. It can also knot and tangle. Sewing into to canvas or linen heightens my awareness of the cloth I paint on and becomes another way to express my ideas about craft and material.”
United States
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In 2007 Audrey Stone began a series of work using a combination of thread, ink and graphite within a grid format to explore what defines a line. At first glance, the lines appear identical with little or no variation from each other. Upon closer inspection it becomes clear that some lines are sewn into the page and others are drawn in ink or graphite. Combining the two materials to create similar effects of line was a way to also think about two separate but overlapping languages; craft and fine art.

The thread line has dimension and a sculptural element to it, casting shadows and revealing space between it and the paper while the drawn line, depending on the material used, ink or pencil, appears to either rest on top of the paper surface or to sink into it. Studying, inspecting and comparing the lines becomes almost inevitable as the drawn line can be seen as a representation of the 3 dimensional thread line and visa-versa.

The flow of information and line within each drawing may expand, contract, repeat or multiply depending on the system involved in the particular work. The systems are not perfect, there are hits and misses of intent along the way as well as a desire to let the imperfect unions of line remain. While making these works, the artist's eye/hand coordination is challenged: how straight can a drawn line be? Will the pen or pencil make contact with the plum line of the thread?

The drawn line reveals the natural instability of the hand, a human element, something Stone has always aimed to maintain in her work.



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