"This piece was painted in late 2011/early 2012. Usually when a new year comes around, I'm trying to find a new series to work on. I was experimenting with this thing called incising, which is basically like scribing. You're cutting away. It's what sand paper would do to a surface, but incising is like precisionist scraping out of an area. In this case, the scraping is a thick white gesso primer on top of a hardboard or masonite. I lay that in and then do my painting and then go back in and cut out thin lines with a razor point and expose certain line points.

I remember this piece being a fun one. I chose it because out of the series, this one had a nice balance. That is the other thing I'm always trying to go for, it's heavy enough but it's still subtle. At the end of the day, all my work is about balance and form. Having a clash between these contradictory soft color pallets against these linear structures, which is always this abstraction of the letter forms I learned while doing graffiti. There's also my interest in just line work and engineering kind of drafting type stuff." - Kofie