This artwork delivers the story of navigating the ups and downs of the real world. It shows that the world is not divided into black and white but is a mix of both. Dualism and the universal balance between opposite fractions are themes heavily explored in the series. The global concepts of this series loosely tell the story of the journey of a sailor (named Aeon, a symbol for reason of the "ego") and her winged friend (Neo, an embodiment of suppressed desires and the "id") as they navigate through the many seas and lands in the hope of finding the place to fly the well-protected paper airplane (representation of idealism and dreams). The inspiration for the works and the name of the series came from Aurora's many conflicts with her peers and family, (arising from the clash of ideologies, morals and interests) pushing her to tread carefully in the thin line of balance in between "worlds".

About The Gallery

Mayinart is an online gallery registered in Singapore. At Mayin, we uncover our artists from the most interior and rural areas,
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