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Dyptic (two equal parts)
This painting by Ayanda was following the strikes at the Marikana Platinum Mine where, on 16 August 2012, 34 striking miners were killed by the police.; This painting depicts a bullfighting scene where we see a white matador, holding a cape decorated with the colors of the South African flag, executing a minor wearing horns that is also under the rage of a dog kept on a leash by Jacob Zuma , himself walking on the head of another miner ashore. It is also seen that Julius Malema (in the center with a white coat and a red beret) is frightened by the scene, this enemy of Jacob Zuma is the founder of the party opposing the ANC, 'Economic Freedom Fighters'. Finally, at the top of the picture is the sign of the blood-stained ANC, with Cyril Ramaphosa, member and future vice-president of the ANC on his right, and on the left, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles having fun on stage.; This painting was exhibited by a South African gallery during the FNB fair in Johannesburg in 2013 where our gallery also exhibited. However, the director of the fair asked the gallery to remove this painting to avoid 'shocking' the sponsors and VIP's. But David Golblatt, a world-renowned South African photographer, invited by the organization to present his photos during the fair, withdrew all his photos on the evening of the opening in solidarity with Ayanda and told the organizer that, should Mabulu's painting would not be shown during the art fair again, his pictures will not be visible. As a result of this pressure but also of the media pressure that ensued, the Director of the Fair asked the gallery to hang the picture again for the rest of the event.

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