Trolleys (Colour)

20000 - 30000 GBP (£)
Screen print on paper
56 x 76 cm
Signature on the right and numbering on the left
Edition of 750
Available For Sale
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Banksy was the first UK graffiti artist to successfully straddle the divide between street and fine art. Having initially built his reputation on a series of high profile public stunts, such as installing his own painting into the Tate Museum, Banksy has become a worldwide phenomenon and the leader of the street art movement. He started making editioned prints in 2002 and created over 50 in an 8 year period. His wit, humour and message have connected with a large international audience and he has become one of the hottest and most important living contemporary artists in the world.

The Banksy print Trolleys (or Trolley Hunters) was originally released as part of the LA edition accompanying Banksy's Barely Legal Show in 2006. This exhibition of works by Banksy in a warehouse turned the art world on its ear almost instantaneously.

The "Barely Legal Print Set," as six particular Banksy street art prints are known, are the most coveted artworks by Banksy from the exhibition are also the most rare and valuable screen print sets in urban art. This is the later 2007 release from Pictures on Walls, sold unframed and in mint condition with the COA from Pest Control.

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Asking Price20000 - 30000 GBP (£)20000 - 30000-

About The Artist

Banksy is a pseudonymous for United Kingdom-based graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter.Read More

About The Gallery

Lougher Contemporary was founded by Huw Lougher in 2015 with the mission to acquire and offer a diverse selection of editions and ....Read More
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