'Gifts' by Barbara Bloom, Signed Mixed Media printed in 2015 from an edition size of 40. The overall size of the Mixed Media is 39.37 x 22.05 inches. The condition of this piece has been graded as A: Mint. Here is some supplemental information about the Mixed Media: Hand signed and numbered out of 40 by the artist. Unique linen box containing eight different giftwrap papers and a special edition of the book Gifts. Each giftwrap paper printed twice In 4-Color Offset by Die Keure, Bruges. Published in 2015 by Ludion. Barbara Bloom employs a variety of media and approaches to question and critique the nature of looking and the construction of meaning, including photography, books, graphic design, and carefully-staged installations. These questions have led to an ongoing fascination with absence, presence, and the invisible—themes that appear throughout her oeuvre. Bloom often incorporates appropriated imagery and found objects, and as such is often associated with the 'Pictures Generation.'