Mango and Passion Fruit in Lilac and Violet

Beatriz Milhazes
5000 - 7500 GBP (£)
Silkscreen printed with 34 different colours
55.5 x 50 cm
Hand-signed by artist, Signed and numbered on the front
Edition of 100
Sold unframed in mint condition
Not included
Available For Sale
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In her vibrant works, Brazilian painter Beatriz Milhazes fuses two very different ways of looking at the world. Her abstract compositions, which can be seen in a line with modernist masters from Henri Matisse to Bridget Riley, are drenched with the colors and light of her native country. Her paintings abound with signs of Brazil's cultural roots and everyday life: carnival, folk art, and motifs from baroque to pop, all choreographed into an exuberant visual rhythm. Her chromatic constructions have an irresistible exotic allure, but, like in the work of Paul Gauguin, we find a broken paradise, where both the promises of life in the tropics and of modernist abstraction strike a darker, more doubtful note.

Signed and numbered on the front from an edition of 100. Sold in mint condition. Please contact the gallery with any questions.


Asking Price5000 - 7500 GBP (£)5000 - 7500-

About The Artist

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