Fruin Water

Bill Zima
2,250 GBP (£)
Encaustic painting. Oil Wax and Resin on Wood
48 x 40 Inch
Available For Sale
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The paintings have a rugged persona, and due to the artists unique combination of waxes, res- ins and oils, there is also a corporeal aspect, a natural tactility.The surfaces of the paintings invite you to touch them, and you are encouraged you to do so. The inner light within the paintings due to the materials, they glow and change depending on the light.

Encaustic painting. Oil Wax and Resin on Wood


Asking Price2,250 GBP (£)-

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Bill Zima is an American-born artist who resides in Edinburgh. Each of his pieces from the current body of work Trees begins as a ....Read More

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