Good To Know: CoA (Certificate of Authenticity) issued by the artist.

Arty-Fact: "I am often asked, as an artist, what motivates my art? Where do I get my ideas? And most often, do I ever run out of ideas? It’s an unequivocal NEVER.

Artists are barometers of the world around them. The art itself is an interpretation of that time.

Italian Renaissance art represented the pinnacle of Italian society at that time. The art attested to the enlightenment of all facets of everyday life during that era. Without the marvelous artworks, how would we be able to fully experience the spirit of the renaissance?

Fast forward to Picasso’s Guernica, or today’s torch bearers Ai Wei Wei and Banksy, and you’ll see artists responding to the socio-political discord in real time.

For Booda Brand, it’s a privilege to bring to you an image to capture this extraordinary time in our history. Art is truth.

For the collector, it is an opportunity to express your convictions and own a piece of history." - Billy Ma, Booda Brand

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Addicted is an art gallery founded by an Australian “Mr” (Blair) and “Mrs” (Elena) living in the buzzing metropolis that
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