This original spray-painted stencil was part of a series exhibited on the occasion of Blek's solo show "Pochoirs auf Leinwand und Papier" curated by Jurgen Grosse at urban art info, Berlin, in June 2002. The motive of the "Old Irish Man" is very significant in Blek Le Rat's artistic career as it is acknowledged to be the first life-sized stencil of a person created by the artist in 1983, after the seminal series of rats for which he is originally known. "After mastering the technique better and better, in 1983, in March, I had the idea of making a life-sized stencil. In the French newspaper Liberation, I found a picture of an old man in a peaked cap. The picture came from Northern Ireland just at the right time for my stencil. This character was to work his way through about ten French cities where I left my mark. He was called BUSTER KEATON, CHARLOT (like Charlie Chaplin), or simply "THE OLD MAN" and he became famous in an unexpected way. What a manna for photographers! Often I stumbled on my old man in newspapers beside articles which had nothing to do with graffiti at all. So, as he was a success, a lot of other life-sized stencils followed him. Blek le Rat (source: Image rights: Urban Spree Galerie