Flashe, pencil and cardboard on yupo paper attached to panel.

Brenda Zappitell is an American abstract painter known for her colorful, gestural action paintings. Inspired by the methods of Abstract Expressionism, Zappitell employs a mixture of memory and intuition to create her compositions.

Zappitell employs a mix of mediums in her paintings, including acrylic and flashe. She uses cold wax as a varnish on many of her panel paintings to attain a matte finish. Her process can be described as performative: paint brush in hand, she moves her entire body in a flowing, gesticulating, highly physical way. The resulting marks are organic and lyrical, and often circular in nature. Her surfaces look worn and washed, as several layers accumulate and collaborate in the final image. No definitive plan is made ahead of time—the process leads her where it wants her to go. A work is finished when it conveys an elusive sense of balance between beauty and imperfection.

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