BRIAN ST. CYR is a multimedia artist whose digital collages and photo manipulations explore the theme of human exploitation of the land and the resulting climate change crisis. Graduating with Honors from Massachusetts College of Art in 1992, Brian then began splitting his time between the 'Big Apple' and the 'Big Easy.' For a time, he free-lanced at the Guggenheim Museum while working at his studio in New Orleans. Now, fortunate to be in New Orleans full time, he has shown regularly. Brian doesn't work in one particular medium or style but embraces new ways of working as they present themselves.
The artist says of his work...
My current series of digital collages concerns itself with the persistent damage we inflict upon our unique cultural footprint here in New Orleans specifically, and our world generally. Lacking figuration, the imagery nonetheless is haunted by a human presence. I take my cues from everyday life. Empty pick up trucks, mattresses left street side, dislocated wildlife, all set in ambiguous settings, are but a few items stocking my palette.
Our self-inflicted oil spills and climate-damaging lifestyles compete with natural disasters of ever-growing proportions including, as I type this, a pandemic. By tapping into the rich history of science fiction imagery I am able to make such end of the world scenarios more engaging for the viewer. Everyday news has the job of presenting the unvarnished truth of our times. I am still a believer in the power of redemptive art. I offer the emotional distance of a fantastical genre as a balm, no matter how terrifying and relevant the subject matter.

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