Born in Havana in 1915, Carmen Herrera is a Cuban-American abstract painter. In 1939 she moved to New York with her husband, Jesse Loewenthal. There she studied at the Art Students League from 1943 to 1947. In 1948 Herrera and Loewenthal moved to Paris, where they stayed for five years, and where she came into contact with Bauhaus, Russian Suprematism and De Stijl. They returned to New York in 1953, and Herrera joined the circle of postwar abstractionists such as Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman.; Carmen Herrera is finally receiving long-deserved recognition for her hard-edged geometric compositions, inspired by her training as an architect in Havana. Throughout her career, she focused on simplicity, color and line.
In her 12-year series, Blanco y Verde, created from 1959 to 1971, she deconstructs traditional landscape painting into the pure colors of white and green which she arrays horizontally to create a sense of horizon. This series is universally considered her most significant and is owned by such institutions as Tate, London, Whitney Museum of American Art, Smithsonian American Art Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Most recently, her work, Equilibrio, 2012, is included in the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition, Epic Abstraction: Pollock to Herrera.
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