'OZA' by Carole Vanderlinden, Signed Lithograph printed in 2017 from an edition size of 20. The overall size of the Lithograph is 28.75 x 20.75 inches. The condition of this piece has been graded as A: Mint. Here is some supplemental information about the Lithograph: Edition of 20. Signed and numbered by the artist. A portfolio of three original lithographs printed on Zerkall 270 gsm paper. Printed by Atelier Hans Van Dijck. Published by Ludion, Antwerp, in March 2017. Carole Vanderlinden works intuitively, without detailed preparation. She starts from a colour, a memory or a detail and works out the rest as she goes. This was also the case for OZA - a suite of three lithographs. Although the three images are independent of one another, they nevertheless reflect the essence of Vanderlinden's work: the play of form and colour in O, the figurative in Z and the floral in A.; Carole Vanderlinden worked on this edition intensively for six months, in collaboration with Hans van Dijck. The master-printer suggested that she should work on the same stone, which would be completely cleaned after each colour was printed. It would not then be possible to correct or reverse anything. Vanderlinden is delighted to have followed his advice: 'Hans van Dijck's eye and the experience of working in this way were extremely enriching for me. At virtually no point did I feel constricted in what I wanted to do. On the contrary, Hans encouraged me to experiment even more. That pleased me enormously.'

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