This portrait is a part of the 'Birds and Mothers' series, conceived in a social centre in Normandy (France), where the artist has been running art courses over the past 10 years. This place people in distress is mainly frequented by women of all ages, whose strength and tenacity the artist admires. The portraits are imbued with the lives and uncertainties of these people with multiple and unique stories.
The artist wanted the sculptures to open a door onto tales. The portraits have thus mutated and are adorned with wings, beaks and claws. This portrait has the attributes (beak and webbed foot) of a swan, hence the title which is a play-on-words between 'cygne' (swan in French) and 'se signer'(to cross oneself in French). The mothers and birds bodies have mixed to reveal fabulous affiliations, emancipating the sculptures of their original form. Thanks to the animal figures, the artist promotes to the viewers' eyes the common language and the interactions between beasts and man.
Dimensions of the sculpture : 90 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm; Dimensions of the base : 92 cm x 53 cm x 53 cm; Total height of the installation : 180 cm

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