Longtemps, au loin, l'Iran

Cecile Raynal
6,500 EUR (€)
Sculptures and Ceramics
Smoke-fired stoneware sculpture
160 x 40 x 40 cm
Available For Sale
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Longtemps, au loin, l'Iran is a work by French contemporary artist Cecile Raynal. This installation is comprised of two sculptures. A man is standing, arms folded holding the left hand up to his face, the suitcase is at his feet. He seems to be waiting, contemplating. The title of the work is indicative of the situation. The man appears to be staring into the distance, after a forced exile his thoughts perhaps focused on his homeland.About this work, the artist says: Are we not all children, grand-children or great grand-children of migrants? Have there not always been ayatollahs, and savagery to flee rather than perish? A suitcase has forever been an object in which to conceal secrets, souvenirs, clothes, an object which accompanies us to the unknown. A suitcase is indicative of travel. This sculpture was exhibited in the Arts et Metiers museum in 2018 as part of the petites histoires en reserve exhibition. This portrait was was created during Cecile Raynal's residency behind the scenes at the museum in 2017. As per her method, the artist created busts and standing figurines of the people she met as well as animal sculptures (wolves and foxes) recurrent in the works of the artist for a few years now.For more info about the « Petites histoires en reserve » exhibition at the Arts & Metiers museum in Paris (May 29 - Aug. 26, 2018), visit:


Asking Price6,500 EUR (€)-

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