Cecile Raynal created this installation during here residence at the Caen Detention Centre, where she invited long serving prisoners to pose for her. The project helped to facilitate relations between the artist and these individuals and to create a place where they could more readily open up. She says: 'one man had been in prison for 23 years and said he no longer knew what he looked like; he thought the sculpture would answer this question. He was hoping to be able to recognize himself.'; In this place of thought and strong feeling, where human relations are often difficult and mistrustful, the artist nevertheless managed to tame the harshness and give rise to discussions during each modeling. Once finished the busts of the prisoners were hoisted up onto a scaffolding-like metal structure, to open up the space and display them to the spectators. Silently the statues impose their presence round a table, reminiscent of an imaginary Last Supper.
This installation is composed of six busts in smoke-fired stoneware and resin which are sitting around three metallic tables.; Surface required for the sculptures' installation: 2m50 x 6m; Height of each sculpture on its base: 1m70; Dimension of the metal table: 3m30 x 1m10

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