This work is part of a new body of monotypes by Cecily Brown titled 'The Calls of the Hunting Horn.' Made in response to the art and artifacts within Blenheim Palace, where in 2020 Brown became the first English artist to exhibit, this new body of work evolved from an exploration of British heritage in the context of Brexit and Britain's imperialist past.
Drawing on the paintings of hunts that are traditionally associated with British country estates, as well as the work of seventeenth-century Flemish master Frans Snyders, Brown constructs lush compositions that fluidly combine rich landscapes with the chaotic motion of dogs overtaking their prey. Coats of arms, ships at sea and symbols of the Church remind of an empire that no longer exists. In several works the bounty of the hunt emerges on a table overflowing with an abundance of game, the limp carcasses of deer hang, ready for a feast. In each richly referential piece, imagery emerges from layers of vivid color, slowly revealing itself to the viewer.

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