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Mixed media plaster and cotton-paper tape - Dimensions: 18x 8 x 6cm - Original Multiple - AUTHENTICATION Signed by the artist
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15 rue Bonaparte
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240 EUR (€)
240 EUR (€)

le dialogue de la solitude dans le couple actuel -

“This project was born from my desire to give form to an aspect of what I believe is one of the most complex realities to which human nature is called to measure itself: the couple.
The couple who, by its own sense, is a set consisting of two individuals.
Today more than ever, I note that the loving couple is losing its meaning of stable and secure entity, giving way to more modern and different experiences that bind two individuals. And I realise, from my experiences and from the experiences of those around me, that the couple is becoming increasingly a "place" where you can easily feel alone.
It is in particular about this fact that my thoughts have focused and brought me to make these objects: the special kind of loneliness that you can experience only when you are in a couple. That may seem a paradox, given that the couple is by its own sense a "place" where you should not be alone. The first of my observations concerns my own experience: both my previous partner and the current one, have shown as their greatest fear, the act of "being left". I was very impressed about their common yearning, and still I ask myself the question I was offered at the time that this fear was revealed to me: is it worse to be left or not being loved? Being abandoned by the person we love is scary, that's for sure, but I would find myself much more afraid to feel "trapped" in a couple where the person that I love ceases to love me.
And according to this last reflection, I wonder if our model of love is changing. I am the son of a generation that used to be married "until death do us part", but I realize now that this model of love has been handed down, cause probably it is not flexible enough for what is our society.
The couple as we have known, as we have been taught, has become a model too rigid, absolutely not flexible and adaptable on what are our needs.
And here comes to my mind the loneliness that can develop within the couple. From the fact that the model that has been handed down, was the one in which we see us always placed within pair in which you share Love, Friendship, Complicity, Consolation. I believe that, to date, it is very difficult to live our whole complexity of individuals with one person for a long period of time. We live in a society that changes every day, and despite the way we love is eternal (I speak in particular about myself, because who has been the object of my love has never stopped to be, even if the couple is over), perhaps our necessities and those who from time to time appear to us as being our "absolute needs", are evolving with this changing society. Or maybe because we are more careful to listen to our needs and groped by pandering them from time to time. Or perhaps because we have an array of wider alternatives and, more attainable at the same time. All these balances are very difficult to understand and the problems coming from them are of difficult solution. I have simply decided to report what I have observed: in our couples loneliness becomes alive and pulsating. And these objects just want to be the reflection of this. And perhaps a symbol of hope: the loneliness (in and out of the couple) is not an invincible enemy.

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Cesare Callegari is an artist who creates sculptures and paintings inspired by the psychological acts of the people.Read More

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