Tension In The Night

Charles Cham
Oil on canvas
61.2 x 61 x 0 cm
Signed by the artist
Very Good
Available For Sale
Contemporary Art,Malaysian Artist
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Good To Know: Stretched canvas with wooden box frame, professionally packed, stored in humidity controlled art storage facility, refer additional information to download Condition Report; Arty-Fact: Inspired by the first movie he ever watched and using his mother’s cake powder and the floor, Malaysian-born artist Charles Cham, ‘painted’ his first portrait. He was five years old. The movie told the story of an artist with a magic brush. Each thing he painted came alive. Painted birds flew away; fish swam off; a woman became real and a love story ensued.

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Charles Cham is a Malaysian painter whose puzzlingly primitive artworks resemble the images from the walls of prehistoric caves.Read More

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Addicted is an art gallery founded by an Australian “Mr” (Blair) and “Mrs” (Elena) living in the buzzing metropolis that is Singap....Read More
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