Charming Baker
11,400 GBP (£)
23 Colour Screenprint with Hand Drilled Holes and Multiple Hand Finished Layers on 6mm Birch Ply
122 x 102 cm
Hand-signed by artist
Available For Sale
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Thank for your interest in Gloria by Charming Baker, proposed by Maddox Gallery Mayfair London. The asking price is currently 11400 GBP (£)

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Charming Baker; Gloria; Edition of 18; 122 x 102


Asking Price11,400 GBP (£)-

About The Artist

Alan Baker, better known as Charming Baker, is a British artist who explores themes such as life, love, joy, death and despair in ....Read More

About The Gallery

Maddox Gallery is a destination for modern and contemporary art-lovers and collectors. Established in 2015, we have built a reputa....Read More
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