Christopher E Green was born in London. He studied fine art at Kent Institute of Art & Design, Canterbury and then later studied at the University of Kent, Canterbury. He is a former Member of Surrey Sculptors' Society in England.; Christopher sculpts mainly in stone and stainless steel. His work has been exhibited at the following locations in England.; Chichester Cathedral, Sussex; Borde Hill Country Park, Sussex; Royal Horticultural Society, Wisley, Surrey; Polesden Lacey Country Park, Surrey; Royal Windsor Great Park; King Edward Private School, Surrey.; "My ideas come from a variety of sources but mostly the everyday environment, be it nature, man-made objects or structures, and I often use people interacting with these forces. With stainless steel I try to convey simple lines and planes, whereas when working with stone my aim is to produce more bold, curved forms that have interesting negative space. An important aspect of what I do is to strip away the superfluous features of subjects and convey their very essence without disrupting it to the point that it has no connection to the original. My intent in using this approach is to engage the curiosity of the viewer."; 'Working with stone is unpredictable. The stone has a way of its own and will not allow the sculptor to impose his/her will upon it entirely. In some places faults are revealed that cause the stone to fall away unexpectedly, in some places it is harder than others, or a buried vein of colour is revealed - this is both the joy and challenge of working in this medium. When I begin sculpting I have a vision in my head that I hope to achieve. This ideal vision is rarely achieved with stone due to the unpredictability of the medium itself.'
Heaven And Earth Reconsidered;
Slate; 7' x 7' x 2.75

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