Keyla Karasu I is a work by contemporary photographer Christian Houge, from the Okurimono' series. In this series, Houge has, through five trips to Japan (Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto), explored Japans otherworldly subculture and its ritualistic perfection. In this personal art documentary he has ventured into delicate themes such as personal identity, sexuality, longing and gender dysphoria. In this particular series, he uses staging as a method to create a story within a story. The viewers associations are important in meeting this work and ambiguity plays an important role.

"Okurimono" series

50 × 75, Edition of 10 + 2AP, €1,600;

80 × 120, Edition of 7 + 2AP, €3,200;

113 × 170, Edition of 7 + 2AP, €4,200

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