Knowing who you are

Christophe Moreau
950 EUR (€)
pencil drawing
29.7 x 42 cm
unique drawing
Available For Sale
My drawings then essentially combine two techniques, the main one being inspired by my learning of watercolour. In the same way as washing, layer after layer of pencils, I make the colours and contrasts rise, while having more precision than the paint thanks to the finesse of the lead. The table is built zone by zone. And when the subject asks for it, it is an opposite work that takes place, close to sculpture. Large layers of graphite powder are applied on the paper and fused together thanks to the stump, it is then thanks to the different gums that I sculpt the material to define the shapes and draw the outlines of the final design. Although working from photographic bases, each painting is an interpretation of reality.
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pencil drawing on paper.


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Christophe Moreau is a French artist known for his drawings. Though working from a photographic base, his pieces are not strictly ....Read More

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