This photograph belongs to the series, 'Absolute Powers / ex nihilo.' These photographs dive deeper into the taboo and controversial topic of money by showcasing an array of intriguing real-world historic and contemporary objects (some worthless, others immensely valuable), while examining how societies perceive, express, and destroy value.
A solid 100oz 99.99% silver bar, a common format and denomination of this precious metal. Like a doctor handling a newborn, this bar of silver exchanges hands and is prized for its store of value, strength, superior conductivity, and anti-bacterial/purification properties. (Definitely a useful characteristic during pandemic times.) These bars are maintained by collectors and investors as long-term stores of wealth.
Absolute Power series

58.4 × 76.2, Edition 1/10 + 2AP, Contact for price;
78.7 × 104.1, Edition 1/8 + 2AP, Contact for price;
101.6 × 134.6, Edition 1/5 + 2AP, Contact for price;
127 × 170.2, Edition 1/2 + 1AP, Contact for price

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