This photograph belongs to the series 'Conversations.' Evoking Dutch still-life as inspiration, these beautiful, contemporary tabletops contemplate technology's implications upon human interaction and memory. Shared meals with friends and family throughout Europe and America celebrate intimacy and culture in today's frenetic, always-connected lifestyle.
'Mediterranean' dinner less than 30 feet from the sea in Northeastern Greece. Baked chickpeas in olive oil. Cabbage salad with olives and hots. Morning-catch of grilled Mackerel. Retsina and sparkling water to aid digestion. Much of the goodness one could desire. That is all.

Conversations series

53.3 × 76.2, Edition 5 + 2AP, $1,000 - 2,500;

78.7 × 114.3, Edition 4 + 2AP, $2,500 - 5,000;

101.6 × 147.3, Edition 3 + 2AP, $2,500 - 5,000

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